17×9 Rim Tire Size: What Fits This Rim?

If you plan to upgrade your vehicle’s rims, knowing the correct tire size fits them is essential. One of the most popular rim sizes is the 17×9 Rim Tire Size, and finding the ideal tire size for this rim can be confusing, especially for first-time buyers. Choosing the wrong tire size can cause various issues, from handling problems to increased tire wear and tear.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on what 17×9 rim tire size means and how to choose the perfect tire for your car’s rims.

What is a 17×9 Rim?

A 17×9 rim is a specific wheel type commonly found on cars and trucks. The first number, 17, refers to the diameter of the wheel in inches. This means the wheel measures 17 inches from one edge to another, determining how large or small it will look on a vehicle.

The second number, 9, refers to the width of the rim in inches. This measurement is crucial because it determines how many tires can be wrapped around the rim and how well it will fit on a particular vehicle. A wider rim can give a vehicle more stability and better driving handling.

Understanding what a 17×9 rim tire size is can be helpful when choosing new wheels for your car or truck. It’s essential to find rims compatible with your vehicle’s make and model and your personal preferences for style and performance.

What Size Tire Fits A 17×9 Rim?

One of the most critical considerations when outfitting your vehicle with new tires is selecting the correct size. This can confuse those who need to become more familiar with tire measurements and sizes. If you have a 17 x 9 rim, you may wonder what size tire will fit it properly.

17x9 rim tire size

Tires that fit a 17 x 9 rim range from 215/35R17 to 265/40R17.

  • 215/35 R17
  • 225/35 R17
  • 205/40 R17
  • 215/40 R17
  • 195/45 R17
  • 225/40 R17
  • 205/45 R17
  • 235/40 R17
  • 215/45 R17
  • 245/40 R17
  • 225/45 R17
  • 255/40 R17
  • 235/45 R17
  • 215/50 R17
  • 275/40 R17
  • 245/45 R17
  • 225/50 R17
  • 255/45 R17
  • 255/50 R17
  • 225/60 R17
  • 255/55 R17
  • 265/70 R17

We understand that tire sizing can be challenging to understand, so here’s a guide to decoding the sizing pattern on your tire:

  • The initial digit in the series denotes the tire’s overall width, measured in millimeters.
  • The tire’s sidewall height is expressed as a percentage of its width and is denoted by the second number.
  • The final digit indicates the appropriate wheel diameter for a tire, measured in inches.

Our suggestions result from thoroughly examining user feedback; they estimate the tires that can be used on a 17×19 wheel. To obtain precise information about which tire size suits your wheel, seek advice from a mechanic.

What Is The Best Tire Size For 17×9 Rim?

When picking the best tire size for a 17×9 rim, many factors come into play. T tire size is one of the most important factors to consider as it affects several performance aspects, such as road grip, handling, fuel economy, and ride comfort. After conducting thorough research and analysis, we recommend using 255/40 R17 tires for your 17×9 rims. It is crucial to pick the appropriate rim tire size for your vehicle Because if there is a slight difference in the rim and tire size, it can be a vital cause for the tire to go out of round.

The 255/40 R17 tire size offers superior grip on wet and dry roads. This is due to its broader tread pattern, which provides better traction when cornering or braking hard at high speeds. It also has a lower sidewall height which reduces flexing during hard turns leading to more precise handling and control over your vehicle’s movements.

What Is The Widest Tire For A 17×9 Rim?

When upgrading your vehicle’s wheels, one of the most common questions is what size tire can you put on a 17×9 rim? This is an essential consideration for improving their car’s performance and aesthetics. The good news is that many tire options are available for this size rim, with the widest being a 275/40R17.


This tire size offers numerous benefits to drivers who prioritize speed and handling. It improves traction and grip on dry and wet roads, making it ideal for sporty driving. The wider tread width allows more contact between the tire and the road surface, resulting in better stability during high-speed cornering maneuvers.

What Is The Smallest Tire You Can Fit On A 17×9 Rim?

The smallest tire you can fit on a 17×9 rim is a size 215/40R17. Automobile industry professionals highly recommend this size since it offers better performance and handling than smaller sizes.

Most people assume that fitting smaller tires on their rims would be better for fuel economy, but this isn’t necessarily true. Using undersized tires can harm safety and efficiency. Not only can they cause ride discomfort and reduce traction, but they can also lead to decreased handling abilities and an increased risk of accidents.


Determining the appropriate tire size for your rims is crucial in ensuring safety and optimal performance on the road. The 17×9 rim tire size may initially seem confusing, but understanding its measurements and specifications can make the process easier. Always consult a trusted mechanic or tire specialist if you still decide which tires to choose. With the proper knowledge and guidance, you can find the perfect tires that fit your 17×9 rims and meet your driving needs. Don’t compromise on safety – invest in quality tires today.


Will A 265 70r17 Tire Fit On A 17×9 Rim?

Yes, a 265 70r17 tire will fit on a 17 9 rim.

Will 17×9 Fit F150?

The 17″ wheelbase Ford F150 will fit, but the cab will be too broad. The 18″ Ford F150 will not fit because it has a shorter wheelbase.

What Is The Offset On A 17×9 Wheel?

The offset on a 17 9 wheel is the distance from the center of the wheel to the hub. This is important because it affects how the wheel interacts with the ground.