ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts [A Detailed Comparison]

Off-roading enthusiasts know that the right tire choice can make or break an adventure. When navigating through muddy terrains, ATV mud tires are essential for providing traction and grip to get the job done. Not all mud tires are created equal. One crucial factor determining a mud tire’s effectiveness is its weight. This article will discuss why ATV mud tire weight matters and how it can affect your riding experience. We’ll also explore some of today’s best lightweight mud tire options. So if you’re ready to take on the dirtiest trails with confidence, keep reading.

ATV Mud Tire Sizes: A Brief Explanation

ATV mud tire weight

When shopping for an ATV mud tire, size is one of the most critical factors. This cannot be very clear if you must familiarize yourself with the terminology used to describe tire sizes. Once you understand how they work, you can confidently choose the right size tire for your vehicle.

The format used to describe ATV mud tire sizes typically includes three numbers separated by x’s. The first number represents the tire’s height in inches, while the second indicates its width. The third number signifies the diameter of the rim that it’s meant to fit on in inches. For example, if a tire has 26 x 9 12 measurements, it is 26 inches tall and nine inches wide and is designed to fit onto a 12-inch diameter rim.

ATV Mud Tire Weight Comparison: Based on Brand and Model Type

ATV mud tire weight

This part of the article provides a comprehensive guide on various brand models. We have handpicked the most popular ATV mud tires to make it easier for you. As a result, the tables below will provide you with information on their sizes and weights.

Maxxis Zilla weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Maxxis Zilla26×9-1219.6
Maxxis Zilla26×11-1223.3
Maxxis Zilla26×9-1420.7
Maxxis Zilla26×11-1423.8
Maxxis Zilla27×9-1220.3
Maxxis Zilla27×11-1223.4
Maxxis Zilla27×10-1422.8
Maxxis Zilla27×12-1427.0
Maxxis Zilla28×10-1226.0
Maxxis Zilla28×12-1227.5
Maxxis Zilla28×9-1423.1
Maxxis Zilla28×11-1426.2
Maxxis Zilla30×9-1425.6
Maxxis Zilla30×11-1430.8

Maxxis Mudzilla Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Maxxis Mudzilla26×9-1226.5
Maxxis Mudzilla26X12-1237.0
Maxxis Mudzilla27×9-1229.1
Maxxis Mudzilla27×12-1239.6
Maxxis Mudzilla28×10-1235.7
Maxxis Mudzilla28×12-1242.0
Maxxis Mudzilla28×10-1235.0
Maxxis Mudzilla28×12-1242.0
Maxxis Mudzilla30X9-1435.9
Maxxis Mudzilla30X11-1444.0

Maxxis Maxxzilla Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Maxxis Mazxxilla28×9-1428.0
Maxxis Mazxxilla28×11-1433.7

ITP Mayhem Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Mayhem26×9-1225.0
ITP Mayhem26×11-1228.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×9-1231.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×11-1234.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×9-1429.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×11-1434.0
ITP Mega Mayhem28×9-1432.0
ITP Mega Mayhem28×11-1434.0
ITP Monster Mayhem30×9-1438.0
ITP Monster Mayhem30×10-1440.0
ITP Mammoth Mayhem32×10-1455.0

ITP Mud Lite XXL Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×10-1233.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×12-1238.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×10-1437.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×12-1438.0

SuperATV Terminator Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
SuperATV Terminator26.5×10-1438.0
SuperATV Terminator28×10-1246.0
SuperATV Terminator28×10-1446.0
SuperATV Terminator29.5×10-1246.0
SuperATV Terminator32×10-1454.0
SuperATV Terminator34×10-1559.0

SuperATV Assassinator Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
SuperATV Assassinator28×10-1450.0
SuperATV Assassinator29.5×8-1453.0
SuperATV Assassinator29.5×8-1454.0
SuperATV Assassinator32×8-1460.0
SuperATV Assassinator34×8-1463.0

Kenda Executioner Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Kenda Executioner26×10-1226.0
Kenda Executioner26×12-1230.0
Kenda Executioner27×10-1231.0
Kenda Executioner27×12-1236.0
Kenda Executioner28×9-1427.0
Kenda Executioner28×11-1432.0

High Lifter Outlaw Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
High Lifter Outlaw27×9.5-1230.2
High Lifter Outlaw27×12-1235.4
High Lifter Outlaw28×9.5-1233.8
High Lifter Outlaw28×12.5-1238.7
High Lifter Outlaw29.5×10-1237.5
High Lifter Outlaw29.5×12-1243.0
High Lifter Outlaw31×9.5-1439.5
High Lifter Outlaw31×11-1449.5
High Lifter Outlaw 232.5×10.5-1456.0
High Lifter Outlaw 328×9-1439.0
High Lifter Outlaw 329.5×10-1444.0

High Lifter Silverback MT2 Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
High Lifter Silverback MT230×9-1445.0
High Lifter Silverback MT233×10-1471.0

STI Out & Back Max Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
STI Out & Back Max26×10-1237.6
STI Out & Back Max27×10-1240.6
STI Out & Back Max27×10-1439.6
STI Out & Back Max28×9.5-1439.7
STI Out & Back Max28×10-1444.0
STI Out & Back Max30×9.5-1444.1
STI Out & Back Max30×10-1448.2
STI Out & Back Max32×9.5-1448.5
STI Out & Back Max32×10-1453.8

Sedona Mudda Inlaw Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Sedona Mudda Inlaw28×10-1445.0
Sedona Mudda Inlaw30×10-1449.7
Sedona Mudda Inlaw32×10-1455.1

BKT AT 171 Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
BKT AT 17128×9-1440.0
BKT AT 17130×9-1442.0

Interco Swamp Lite Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Interco Swamp Lite26×9-1226.0
Interco Swamp Lite26×12-1231.0
Interco Swamp Lite27×9-1227.0
Interco Swamp Lite27×12-1230.0
Interco Swamp Lite27×9-1427.0
Interco Swamp Lite28×10-1237.0
Interco Swamp Lite28×9-1429.0
Interco Swamp Lite28×11-1435.0
Interco Swamp Lite29×10-1240.0

Interco Super Swamper Vampire EDL Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Interco Super Swamper Vampire EDL28×10-1237.0
Interco Super Swamper Vampire EDL28×10-1438.0
Interco Super Swamper Vampire EDL30×9-1445.0

Interco Black Mamba Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Interco Black Mamba27×10-1255.0
Interco Black Mamba30×10-1266.0
Interco Black Mamba30×10-1465.0
Interco Black Mamba32.5×10-1470.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite26×10-1239.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite26×12-1245.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite27×9-1239.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite27×11-1245.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite30×8.5-1246.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite30×8.5-1445.0

Interco InterForce II Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Interco InterForce II27×6-1243.0
Interco InterForce II27×6-1435.5
Interco InterForce II30×9-1453.5
Interco InterForce II32×6.5-1448.9

ITP Cryptid Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Cryptid27×10-1441.0
ITP Cryptid28×10-1441.0
ITP Cryptid30×9-1443.0
ITP Cryptid30×11-1446.0

CST Sludge Hammer Weight

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
CST Sludge Hammer27×10-1427.7
CST Sludge Hammer28×10-1434.0
CST Sludge Hammer30×10-1242.8
CST Sludge Hammer30×10-1442.7
CST Sludge Hammer32×10-1446.5

What are the Lightest ATV Mud Tires?

ATV mud tire weight

It would be best to have tires that can handle the challenge and keep you moving forward. But for those who want to optimize their ATV’s performance without sacrificing speed and agility, finding the lightest ATV mud tires is key. Some popular brands offering these types of tires include Maxxis, ITP, and Kenda.

The first brand worth considering is Maxxis. Their Bighorn 2.0 Radial is known for its lightweight design and impressive traction in muddy terrain. Their Razr MT tire provides excellent grip in wet conditions without weighing your vehicle down.

Another brand to consider is ITP Tires. Their Mud Lite AT tire offers a unique tread pattern that provides excellent traction while incredibly lightweight, making it a fan favorite among off-road enthusiasts. And with sizes ranging from 22 to 30 inches, there’s an option for nearly any size ATV or UTV.

Kenda also offers various mud tire options for rough terrain and wet conditions. One of their most popular models is the Bear Claw EX, known for its superior traction and durability. Despite its impressive performance capabilities, this tire is one of the lighter options available today.

What are the Most Aggressive ATV Mud Tires?

What Are the Most Aggressive ATV Mud Tires?

Off-road enthusiasts know the right tire is key to a successful mud run. Whether hitting the trails for adventure or competing in an ATV race, finding the most aggressive mud tires can make all the difference. 

One of the top contenders of aggressive ATV mud tires is the ITP Mud Lite XXL. This tire has a unique six-ply carcass design that provides maximum puncture resistance while maintaining excellent handling capabilities. With its 1 5/8 inch lug depth, this tire is perfect for riders frequently encountering thick mud or another treacherous terrain. 

Another popular choice is the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0, which boasts durable construction and a unique tread pattern that delivers optimal grip on wet and slippery surfaces. For those looking for even more extreme performance, the SuperATV Assassinator tire might be just what they need.


ATV mud tire weight is important when choosing a tire for off-road adventures. The tire’s weight affects your vehicle’s performance, fuel consumption, and handling on different terrains. Lighter tires are better suited for faster speeds and mud riding, while heavier tires offer better traction on rocky or steep terrain. Finding the right balance between weight and performance is essential to maximize your ATV’s capabilities. Take the time to research and compare different brands and models before investing in new tires. You can always ensure a safe and exciting ride with the proper knowledge and preparation.


Is it essential to rotate tires?

Rotating your tires is essential for overall vehicle safety and performance. It helps to ensure that all four tires wear evenly, maximizing their lifespan and improving your car’s handling.

How heavy is the heaviest tire?

The 63 Titan Tire is one of the heaviest tires on the market. It weighs in at a whopping 790 pounds. This is more than three times heavier than the average passenger car tire, typically weighing around 200 pounds.