Best RT Tires

Regarding off-roading, the correct set of tires can make all the difference. Rugged-terrain, or RT, tires are designed to handle extreme driving conditions such as mud, rocks, and steep inclines. Not all RT tires are created equal. To help you find the best RT tires for your vehicle and off-road adventures, we have researched and tested some of the top-rated options on the market.

From durability to traction and handling capabilities, we’ve evaluated each tire based on its performance in various terrains and weather conditions. So whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or just starting, read on to discover our top picks for the best RT tires available today.

A Glance at Best RT Tires:

  • Nitto Ridge Grappler – Great highway/street tire for 50% on and 50% off usage – Best Performance Driven All-Round RT Tire
  • Toyo Open Country RT – Great for hauling & towing – Best Efficiency Driven All-Round RT Tire
  • Patriot RT – Great for winter usage – Best Performance Driven Affordable RT Tire
  • Kenda Klever RT – Great appearance and durability – Best Efficiency Driven Affordable RT Tire

What are Rugged-Terrain Tires?

Rugged-terrain tires are specialized for optimal performance and safety while travelling on rough or uneven surfaces. These tires are commonly used for off-road vehicles, such as SUVs, trucks, and jeeps. They offer enhanced durability and stability on rugged terrains like mud, sand, rocks, and gravel.

One of the critical features of rugged-terrain tires is their durability. They are made from materials that can withstand the rigors of rough terrain driving without wearing out quickly. The sidewalls of these tires are also reinforced to protect against punctures and cuts from sharp rocks or branches. They also have thicker rubber layers than regular tires, which help absorb shocks and impacts when driving over obstacles.

All-Terrain vs Rugged-Terrain vs Mud-Terrain:

Several options are available when choosing the best RT tires for your vehicle. These options include all-terrain, rugged-terrain, and mud-terrain tires. Each tire type caters to specific road conditions and driving requirements.


Where to Use Rugged-Terrain Tires?

When driving on rough, rugged terrain, having the proper set of tires can make all the difference. Rugged-terrain tires are designed to offer superior traction and durability in challenging off-road environments. These specialized tires are perfect for drivers who love going off the beaten path and want to explore new trails and remote locations.

One of the best places to use rugged-terrain tires is on rocky terrain. These surfaces can be highly challenging to standard passenger car tires, as they can easily get punctured or damaged by sharp rocks. With rugged-terrain tires, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s wheels are protected from damage and can easily navigate through even the most challenging rocky areas.

Nitto Ridge Grappler:

Best RT Tires

The Nitto Ridge Grappler is a high-quality tire built for those who demand exceptional off-road performance without sacrificing on-road comfort. This tire is designed to provide superior traction in all terrains, including mud, dirt, and rock. With its aggressive tread pattern and durable construction, the Nitto Ridge Grappler offers optimal grip and stability on even the most demanding surfaces.

One of the most impressive features of this tire is its ability to deliver a smooth ride on the pavement while still performing well off-road. Its variable pitch tread blocks ensure minimal noise and vibration while driving on highways or city streets. This allows drivers to enjoy a comfortable ride without excessive road noise or harshness.


  • Provides excellent off-road traction and handling.
  • It features a hybrid design that offers a smooth and quiet ride on the highway.
  • Offers good wet and dry grip due to its silica-reinforced compound.
  • Has reinforced shoulder lugs for extra durability and sidewall protection.
  • Comes with a limited treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles.


  • 1. Can be expensive compared to other all-terrain tires in the market.

Toyo Open Country RT:

Off-road enthusiasts can now take their adventure to the next level with Toyo Open Country RT. This tire is perfect for those who love to explore rough terrains and conquer challenging trails. The Toyo Open Country RT is a rugged tire with superior traction, durability, and performance on wet and dry surfaces.

Toyo Tires has designed this tire with an aggressive tread pattern, which ensures maximum grip on loose surfaces like mud, gravel, and sand. The tire’s deep grooves channel water away from the contact patch, providing excellent hydroplaning resistance in wet conditions. The sidewall of Toyo Open Country RT is reinforced with a three-ply polyester construction that protects it against punctures from rocks or sharp objects while off-roading.

This versatile tire also features advanced noise reduction technology that minimizes road noise for a quieter ride on paved roads.

What I like:

  • 1The Toyo Open Country RT has excellent off-road capabilities due to its aggressive tread pattern and sidewall design.
  • Thanks to the silica-based compound used in its construction, it provides good traction on wet and dry surfaces.
  • The tire is durable and long-lasting, making it a cost-effective option for those driving on rough terrain.

What I dislike:

  • It may not perform as well as dedicated mud-terrain tires in extremely muddy or rocky conditions.

Kenda Klever R/T:

Best RT Tires

Kenda Klever R T is a famous tire brand gaining traction among off-road enthusiasts. The tires are designed for rugged terrain and provide excellent traction, stability, and durability. The Klever R T is the ultimate choice for those who love to explore new trails and push their vehicles to the limit.

The Kenda Klever R T tire is dependable on wet and dry surfaces, offering a comfortable yet slightly noisy driving experience. Despite lacking a 3PMSF rating, it performs well in winter conditions except for icy roads. Its 3-ply sidewalls make it highly capable for off-road adventures, especially rock crawling. While its tread life is less long-lasting than all-terrain tires, it surpasses most rugged-terrain options.


  • Good handling and stability on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Performs well in mud, gravel, and snow.


  • Road noise can be louder than expected on highways or paved roads.

Patriot RT:

Patriot RT is a famous brand in the world of off-road vehicles. It offers a range of rugged and durable all-terrain vehicles that are built to tackle even the toughest terrains. The Patriot RT team comprises experienced engineers who design and manufacture their vehicles with great attention to detail, ensuring that each vehicle is optimized for performance, safety, and reliability.

Patriot RT has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable brands in the industry by consistently delivering high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations. Their vehicles have powerful engines, advanced suspension systems, and robust chassis frames that can easily handle terrain. Furthermore, they offer a range of customization options for those who want to personalize their vehicle to suit their specific needs.


  • The Patriot RT tire offers good traction on wet and dry road surfaces.
  • 2. Its durable construction makes it resistant to punctures and other forms of damage.
  • 3. The tire provides a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its optimized tread design.


  • Some users report that the tire wears out quickly, especially on rougher terrains.


RT tires have several excellent options, each with unique features and benefits. We have reviewed some of the best RT tires. The Nitto Ridge Grappler is a top pick for its excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces, while the Toyo Open Country RT is a strong contender for its durability and long lifespan.

The Patriot RT offers superior off-road performance with its aggressive tread pattern, while the Kenda Klever RT provides a smooth and comfortable ride on the highway. Ultimately, the best RT tire for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. So if you’re in the market for new tires, consider these top picks.


Are RT tires good on the road?

RT tires are designed for off-road use only. Some people believe RT tires are better suited for road use because they have a higher load capacity and can handle more rough terrain than other tires. Others feel RT tires are not as good on the road because they offer less grip and tend to wear out faster.