1980-2021 Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

The Ford F-150 is a legendary truck that has been popular since its inception in the 1980s. Look at Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern from 1980-2021. Over the years, it has gone through numerous changes and upgrades, but one thing that remains constant is its lug and bolt pattern. The lug and bolt pattern of the Ford F-150 refers to the number of lugs or bolts on each wheel and their spacing.

Knowing your vehicle’s lug and bolt pattern can be beneficial in many ways, especially if you upgrade or replace your wheels. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the 1980-2021 Ford F-150 Lug And Bolt Pattern – from understanding what it means to how to measure it accurately.

1980-1986 Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

Ford has been a leader in the automotive industry for decades, and the F-150 is one of its most popular trucks. In 1980, Ford redesigned the F-150 truck for the first time since 1964. The new design had several upgrades, including a lug and bolt pattern.

Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

The lug and bolt pattern for the 1980-1986 Ford F-150 was five lugs on a 5.5-inch bolt circle. This pattern was used on the truck’s two- and four-wheel drive models. The lug nuts were typically made from steel or chrome-plated steel and had a standard thread size of 1/2″-20.

This new design not only improved the appearance of the F-150 but also offered better performance on and off-road.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
1981 Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1982  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1983  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1984  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1985  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1986  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)

1987–1991 Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

The 1987-1991 models underwent significant design changes that affected this aspect of the vehicle. Specifically, these models feature a 5×139.7mm bolt pattern with a centre bore of 87mm.

Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

This particular bolt pattern can be seen on the truck’s two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions. It’s important to note that this site is specific to these model years and may not be interchangeable with other F-150s or Ford trucks from different years. Understanding your vehicle’s lug and bolt pattern is crucial for ensuring proper fitment when purchasing new wheels or tires.The Ford F150 lug and bolt pattern become so popular that other companies started taking inspiration from them. Wrangler Lug And Bolt Pattern is also inspired from Ford’s Pattern.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
1987 Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1988  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1989  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1990  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)
1991  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5×139.7mm)

1992 -1996 Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

In 1992, Ford unveiled the ninth-generation F-150, which featured a new design and improved performance. One crucial aspect that changed during this generation was the lug and bolt pattern.

Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

The lug pattern refers to the number of lugs or bolts on each wheel and their placement. The 1992-1996 Ford F-150 models had a five-lug pattern with a 5x135mm spacing. This pattern remained consistent throughout the entire ninth generation of F-150s, making it easier for owners to find compatible vehicle wheels.

The bolt pattern is essential when selecting custom rims or tires, as they must match precisely with your vehicle’s specifications.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
1992 Ford F-15055×5.50”(5x135mm)
1993  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5x135mm)
1994  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5x135mm)
1995  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5x135mm)
1996  Ford F-15055×5.50”(5x135mm)

1997 – 2003 Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

The 1997-2003 Ford F150 features a lug and bolt pattern of 5 5.31 (135mm), meaning it has five lug holes with a pitch circle diameter (PCD) of 135m.

Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

This particular bolt pattern is commonly used on many vehicles, including the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. It is also compatible with various aftermarket rims, allowing customization options for those wanting to upgrade their wheels. This bolt pattern is also relatively easy to find replacement parts, making maintenance and repairs more convenient.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
1997 Ford F-15055×5.31”(5x135mm)
1998  Ford F-15055×5.31”(5x135mm)
1999  Ford F-15055×5.31”(5x135mm)
2000  Ford F-15055×5.31”(5x135mm)
2001  Ford F-15055×5.31”(5x135mm)
2002 Ford F-15055×5.31”(5x135mm)
2003 Ford F-15055×5.31”(5x135mm)

2004-2008 Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

2004-2008  Ford F-150 has a 6x135mm bolt pattern with 6 lug nuts, meaning it has six evenly spaced bolts on the wheel’s hub.


This unique bolt pattern provides several benefits to drivers of the Ford F-150. Firstly, it ensures that the wheels are securely attached to the vehicle, providing excellent stability and handling on all types of terrain. This bolt pattern makes it easier to find aftermarket wheels that fit perfectly onto your truck without needing modifications or adjustments.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2004 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2005  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2006  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2007  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2008  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)

2009-2014 Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

From 2009-2014, the Ford F-150 had a lug pattern of 6 x 135mm. This means six bolts were securing each wheel, with a distance of 135mm between adjacent bolts. The centre bore diameter was also standard at 87.1mm, meaning aftermarket wheels must match this size to fit correctly.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2009 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2010 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2011  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2012  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2013  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2014  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)

2015-2020 Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

The 2015-2020 models have continued that tradition by offering a powerful, capable truck that can handle any job. One area where the F-150 has remained consistent over the years is in its lug and bolt pattern. Despite numerous updates to the design, Ford has continued to use the same bolt pattern introduced in 2004.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2015 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2016 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2017  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2018  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2019  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2020  Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)

2021 – Present Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern

When looking at 2021- present models of the Ford F-150, you’ll find that they still feature the same old patterns as previous generations. This means that those familiar with working on or customizing these trucks can continue to do so without learning new techniques or investing in new equipment.



the Ford F-150 has been a staple of American pickups for over four decades, with each generation offering unique features and improvements. One aspect that has remained consistent is the lug and bolt pattern, allowing owners to customize their vehicles easily. If you want to upgrade your wheels, install spacers, or keep your truck running smoothly with new lug nuts or studs, understanding the Ford F150 lug and bolt pattern is essential. With this guide in hand, you should be able to find the right fit for your vehicle and take on any project you set your mind to. So go ahead and get started – those wheels aren’t going to install themselves!


What is a Ford 5-lug bolt pattern?

The Ford 5 lug bolt pattern is a type of bolt pattern used on many different car models made by Ford. It means it has 5 bolts.