General Grabber AT2 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs BFG KO2: What Are The Differences?

As a passionate off-road enthusiast, I have always looked for the best all-terrain tire. After spending hours researching and testing various options, I have narrowed down my top three picks the General Grabber AT2 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs BFG KO2. While all three tires are highly regarded in the off-roading community, each has unique features that set it apart. We will look at these three all-terrain tires in-depth and compare them based on their design, performance on different terrains, durability, and price.

General Grabber AT2 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs BFG KO2: Comparison Table

Each tire has its own unique set of features that cater to different types of off-road enthusiasts. The General Grabber AT2 is a highly durable tire with excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces. It features an aggressive tread pattern that performs well on rugged terrains such as mud, gravel, and snow. The tire’s interlocking tread blocks provide stability and prevent stones from getting stuck between them – making it ideal for rocky terrains.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 offers superior performance on all types of terrain. Its 5-rib design ensures even wear while providing excellent handling and stability at high speeds.

The BFG All-Terrain KO2, unlike other tires, is an aggressive tread pattern. The tire’s large interlocking tread blocks provide excellent mud, sand, and snow traction while delivering superior grip on wet or dry roads. This makes it ideal for drivers needing a tire to handle terrain or weather conditions.

General Grabber
Cooper Discoverer AT3BFG KO2
Off-road Performance5*34
On-road Performance354
Snow and Ice Performace345
Noise LevelMost NoiseMore NoiseLeast Noise
Comfort LevelLeast ComfortableMore ComfortableMost Comfortable
Treadwear Warranty60,000 miles60,00050,000
PriceCheapestMore ExpensiveMost Expensive


General Grabber
Cooper Discoverer AT3BFG KO2
Available Rim Sizes14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 2015, 16, 17, 18, 2015, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22
Weight24.3-67.3 lbs30-71 lbs32.1-72.6 lbs
Snow RatingThree-Peak Mountain Snowflake RatingThree-Peak Mountain Snowflake RatingThree-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating
Treadwear Warranty60,000 miles60,000 miles50,000 miles
  • I have been purchasing their tires for my vehicles, which have consistently delivered excellent performance. I can confidently say that if BFG is superior to Cooper, it’s not by much. Both brands offer great options for off-roading and street driving, but BFG edges ahead slightly in its more aggressive tread pattern for off-road driving. The Cooper A T3s are the way to go if you mainly drive on city streets or highways.
  • When it comes to choosing between the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 and the Cooper Discoverer AT3, it ultimately boils down to your driving needs. If you primarily use your vehicle on the street, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 is probably better suited. This tire offers excellent grip, handling, and a comfortable ride on paved roads.
  • I have been using the KO2 tires for almost 40,000 miles, which are still strong. With 10/32 left, I am impressed with the wear of these tires. They provide excellent traction everywhere, even in muddy or snowy conditions. One thing that surprised me was when someone mentioned feeling harshness at 30psi on their 285s. I haven’t experienced this issue with my 315/70/17 E-rated tires running at 34psi. These tires are very quiet on the road, and I have not experienced any issues with wandering or following cracks in the road. They perform well in rainy weather and offer great stability on wet surfaces. When taking these off-road, I run them at 14psi and can confidently take rocks without any problems. I cannot say enough good things about these KO2 tires.
  • I put their AT2 tires through the wringer. I can honestly say that I am thoroughly impressed with their performance. Living in Ohio, I have dealt with extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice, slush, and mud. My AT2 tires have held up remarkably well under these harsh conditions.
  • If you live in an area that experiences harsh winter conditions, investing in a good set of snow tires is a must. And when it comes to snow tires, the BFGs should be at the top of your list. These tires have a unique tread pattern to shed snow and provide maximum traction on slippery roads. If you want peace of mind when driving in snowy or icy conditions, it’s time to go with the BFGs. We compare Nitto Trail Grappler vs Ridge Grappler vs Terra Grappler: Which Is Best? You get more information about this, visit this article.

General Grabber AT2 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs BFG KO2: Detailed Analysis

General Grabber AT2 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs BFG KO2

Off-Road Performance:

The General Grabber AT2 tire boasts an array of features aimed at providing excellent traction on any terrain. Its design includes extra-strong sidewalls and hardened tread compounds, making it well-suited for navigating rocky areas.
These tires’ aggressive tread pattern is designed to provide superior grip in mud, snow, and other challenging conditions. It also has a self-cleaning feature that helps prevent debris from getting stuck between the treads. With all these features combined, the General Grabber AT2 is undoubtedly one of the best off-road performers on the market today. If you’re looking for a tire that can handle even the toughest terrain easily, then the General Grabber AT2 should be on your list of options.

BFG KO2 tire is designed to handle even the toughest of terrains, and it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts. The KO2 features an aggressive tread pattern providing excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces. Its sidewalls are also reinforced with Kevlar, which makes them more resistant to punctures and cuts.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 also has a soft tread compound that performs well in extreme weather conditions. The compound provides superior grip and handling on snow-covered roads, making it an ideal choice for drivers who live in areas that experience heavy snowfall. The tire’s unique design ensures a smooth highway ride without compromising its off-road capabilities.

Overall, General Grabber AT2 tires are an excellent choice for off-road performance.

On-Road Performance:

Drivers want a tire that can handle both off-road adventures and daily commutes. However, not every all-terrain tire is created equal. Regarding on-road performance, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 stands out for its superior grip and steering on highways. This tire gives drivers a comfortable ride and excellent handling in wet or dry conditions.
While the BFG T/A KO2 may be great for highway driving, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 takes the crown for on-road performance. This tire offers a smooth, quiet ride with exceptional handling and stability on paved roads. It also has excellent wet traction capabilities, making it an ideal choice for drivers frequently encountering rain or other slick road conditions.

Snow and Ice Performance:

While all three products are winter-rated and offer good traction in light snow and ice, there are some key differences to consider. The BFG KO2 stands out with its studded design, which provides additional grip on snowy or icy roads. Its deep treads enhance traction, allowing you to drive confidently even in more severe weather conditions. The General Grabber AT2 and Cooper Discoverer AT3 offer solid performance on snow and ice thanks to their unique tread patterns. They don’t quite match the level of grip that the KO2 provides.

Noise Level:

The General Grabber AT2, Cooper Discoverer AT3, and BFG All-Terrain KO2 have gained popularity among off-roaders for their excellent performance in various terrains. While they share similarities, each tire has its unique features that set them apart from one another.

One of the critical aspects that drivers consider when choosing an off-road tire is noise level. A quieter ride can make a big difference in driving comfort, especially during long trips. Regarding noise level, the BFG KO2 takes the lead over its competitors. Its advanced tread design and internal structure help minimize road noise while providing exceptional all-terrain capability.

The BFG KO2’s noise-reduction technology offers a refined driving experience without compromising its rugged exterior design and durability.

Comfort Level:

After all, if you plan on taking your vehicle on long drives or off-road adventures, you want to ensure that you and your passengers will be comfortable throughout the journey. The BFG T/A KO2 stands out as the most comfortable option. This tire features a special tread design that reduces road noise and vibrations, making it ideal for long drives where comfort is key. Its enhanced sidewall construction protects against punctures and impacts while contributing to a smoother ride overall.

Treadwear Warranty:

These tires are designed to provide excellent off-road traction and handling while still being suitable for everyday use on paved roads. One factor that plays a significant role in tire performance is their treadwear warranty.
The treadwear warranty refers to the estimated mileage a tire can last before it needs replacement. Most manufacturers offer this warranty as an indicator of the quality and durability of their product. In terms of treadwear warranty, both Cooper Discoverer AT3 and General Grabber AT2 come out on top with 60,000 miles each compared to BFG All Terrain KO2’s 50,000-mile warranty.

Overall, Cooper Discoverer AT3 and General Grabber AT2 are a winner.

Final Words:

The General Grabber AT2 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs BFG KO2 are all great options for off-road on-road enthusiasts looking for a reliable tire. Each tire has unique features and benefits, making it important to consider your needs before deciding. The General Grabber AT2 offers excellent traction off-road, while the Cooper Discoverer AT3 is known for its on-road. The BFG KO2 performs well in snow and is an excellent all-around tire. No matter which one you choose, you can feel confident that these tires will provide exceptional performance on any surface. So take your pick and hit the trails with confidence.


Where are General Grabber AT2 tires made?

General Grabber AT2 tires are made in Germany. The company has a long history of producing high-quality tires known for their durability and performance.