Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT Review

If you’re looking for a tire that can handle any terrain and weather conditions, the Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT might be worth considering. This all-terrain tire is designed to provide outstanding performance on and off-road, making it an excellent choice for drivers who demand versatility from their tires. In this Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT Review, we’ll examine its features and benefits. 

We’ll explore how this tire performs in different driving situations, including wet and dry roads, mud, gravel, and snow. We’ll discuss what sets the Wrangler UltraTerrain apart from its competitors and help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your vehicle.

Tread Appearance:

Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT Review

This is the latest addition to Goodyear’s line of tires. This tire is designed for light trucks and SUVs, perfect for off-road adventures. The key feature of this tire is its tread appearance. 

The tread design comprises a combination of different patterns that work together to provide excellent traction in all types of terrain. The center section has wide, deep grooves that help evacuate water and improve wet weather performance. The intermediate section has a more aggressive pattern that helps with traction on loose surfaces like gravel or dirt roads.

The sidewalls of this tire also feature an aggressive tread appearance that gives this tire a rugged, adventurous look. This aesthetic appeal is not just for show; it also indicates the tire’s capabilities. The deep grooves in the sidewall helps to improve traction in wet or muddy conditions by directing water away from the contact patch between the tire and the road surface.

Dry Performance:

This is a versatile all-terrain tire that delivers exceptional performance on dry surfaces. Equipped with advanced technologies, this tire is engineered to provide superior handling, stability, and control on rough and uneven terrains.

With a specially designed tread pattern, the Wrangler UltraTerrain AT offers excellent grip and traction on dry roads. The large shoulder blocks and interlocking sipes enhance the tire’s stability and provide better handling in cornering situations.

Dry Traction:

Dry traction is an essential factor that must be considered. It determines how well your vehicle performs on the road and how comfortable you are behind the wheel. This tire is one of the best options for those who want superior dry traction performance.

This tire’s asymmetric tread design is a notable feature that provides exceptional traction on wet and dry surfaces. This design helps to disperse water quickly, reducing hydroplaning and allowing for better control in rainy conditions. It has a large contact patch provides maximum surface area for improved handling and stability while driving.

Steering Response:

This tire’s steering response is one of its most impressive features, making it a top choice for drivers who demand precision and control during their travels. With its advanced technology and high-quality materials, the Wrangler UltraTerrain AT provides exceptional handling in all driving conditions, from dry pavement to wet mud.

The Durawall technology is a significant factor that enhances the tire’s steering response. This innovative feature helps to provide maximum traction by preventing cuts and punctures from damaging the sidewall

Cornering Stability:

The is an all-terrain tire with superior cornering stability. The tire’s unique design ensures excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, making it suitable for use on various surfaces. When driving around corners, this tire maintains its shape and supports the weight of your vehicle, ensuring that you can maintain control at all times. The multi-angle sipes of this tire are one of the characteristics that enhance its cornering stability. These provide additional biting edges to improve traction when turning and braking. 

Wet Performance:

Maintaining good traction on wet roads can significantly affect driving safety, especially during heavy rains or other adverse weather conditions. It has an innovative tread pattern that provides excellent wet performance. It’s large blocks and open channels help to evacuate water quickly from the contact patch, ensuring maximum grip on the road surface. 

This tire features special compound materials that enhance traction even when the roads are wet, reducing braking distances and improving overall handling. With these features, drivers can feel confident in their vehicle’s ability to navigate challenging driving scenarios without slipping or losing control.

Winter Performance:

This is a tire designed for all seasons but excels in winter performance. With its advanced tread design and technology, this tire offers excellent traction on snow, ice, and wet roads. Whether driving on highways or off-road tracks during winter, It can provide unmatched confidence and control.

The grip of this tire on snow and ice is improved by its aggressive shoulder blocks, which are one of its main characteristics. This tire also utilizes biting edges that improve traction when driving on slippery surfaces like ice or snow. All these features combined make it an ideal choice for drivers who want to ensure their safety while driving in harsh winter.

Ice performance:

It has a unique rubber compound that remains flexible even in extreme temperatures, ensuring a better grip on ice. Its optimized contact patch maximizes road contact to enhance stability, while its interlocking sipes increase biting edges for better snow traction. The tire’s 3D TredLock Technology provides enhanced mud and snow traction by locking together to form more biting edges as the tire wears down over time.

Road Noise and Comfort:

As an avid off-roader, I’ve tested my fair share of tires. Recently, I decided to try the Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT to find a tire that could provide excellent off-road performance and ample comfort on the pavement.

Let’s talk about road noise. This is often a major concern for drivers who enjoy taking their vehicles off-road, as aggressive tires produce a lot of noise on smooth surfaces. I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the UltraTerrain ATs were on the highway. You’ll still notice some hum at higher speeds, but it’s not overwhelming or distracting. This made driving experience much more comfortable, especially on long road trips.

But it wasn’t just the lack of noise that impressed me about these tires – they also provided excellent comfort. Even on bumpy roads or rough terrain, my ride remained smooth and stable thanks to their advanced technology. The dual sidewall design and optimized tread pattern work together to provide maximum grip and stability in any condition.

I highly recommend this tire for anyone looking for an all-terrain tire that can handle off-road adventures and daily commutes without sacrificing comfort or quietness.

Tread Life:

Goodyear’s engineers have designed the Wrangler UltraTerrain AT with a durable rubber compound that resists wear and tear from rough terrain, making it one of the longest-lasting all-terrain tires on the market. Its unique design features large interlocking blocks and open shoulder grooves, promoting even wear and extending the tire’s life further. This means drivers can enjoy excellent performance in challenging conditions without replacing their tires as frequently as other options might require.

Off-Road Performance:

This tire is designed to handle rough terrain, providing superior traction and durability in even the toughest conditions. The Wrangler UltraTerrain AT can easily take on rocks, mud, sand, and other obstacles with its aggressive tread pattern and sturdy construction.

The tire’s remarkable characteristic is its capacity to sustain grip even on wet or slippery surfaces. The deep grooves in the tread provide excellent grip, while the reinforced sidewalls prevent punctures and damage from sharp objects. If you’re looking for a tire that can handle anything you throw at it off-road, look no further than the Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT.


Its tough, durable construction resists punctures and cuts from sharp rocks and debris. The sidewalls are reinforced with Kevlar fibers to protect against damage, while the tread blocks are designed to self-clean, keeping mud and dirt from clogging up the tires. This makes the tires more effective at maintaining traction in slippery conditions and prolongs their lifespan.


The Wrangler UltraTerrain AT features advanced technology that helps to prevent punctures and cuts from sharp rocks or other debris on the road. This means you can confidently drive, knowing that your tires are less likely to be damaged by rough terrain. This tire is an excellent choice if you frequently drive on gravel or other unpaved surfaces.


The tire’s unique tread design includes large blocks and deep grooves that help it grip loose sand, even at high speeds. The blocks create a biting edge that digs into the sand to prevent slippage, while the grooves help channel away excess material for enhanced control. 

Mud, Rock Crawling, and Grass:

For those who love to take their vehicle off-road, the Wrangler UltraTerrain AT is the perfect choice. This tire has been designed to easily handle muddy trails while providing superior grip on rocky terrain. The specialized rubber compound used in its construction offers excellent cut and chip resistance, making it ideal for rough terrains. Whether driving through deep mud pits or climbing steep rocks, It performs exceptionally in all situations.


This tire model boasts a comprehensive warranty package that provides peace of mind for drivers. It comes with a limited treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles or six years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. If your tires wear out before reaching this mileage limit within the specified time frame, you may be eligible for a replacement or pro-rated refund from Goodyear. In addition to this treadwear warranty, UltraTerrain also includes a limited warranty against defects in materials and craft for up to six years from the date of purchase.

Sizes – Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT Review

265/70R16 112S SL BSW 500 B B265/70R17 115S SL BSW 500 B BLT 275/65R18 123/120Q E BSW275/55R20 113S SL BSW 500 B B
265/75R16 116S SL BSW 500 B BLT 265/70R17 121/118Q E BSWLT 275/70R18 125/122Q E BSW275/60R20 115S SL BSW 500 B B
LT 265/75R16 123/120Q E BSW285/70R17 121/118Q E OWLLT 285/65R18 125/122Q E OWLLT 275/65R20 126/123Q E BSW
LT 35X12.50R17 121Q E BSWLT 285/65R20 127/124Q E BSW
LT 35X12.50R20 121Q E BSW


After Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT Review, I was extremely impressed with this tire. They provided excellent traction on all types of terrain, from mud to gravel to pavement. The durability and toughness of the tires were also impressive, as they showed no signs of wear and tear even after a few months of heavy use. I appreciated the quiet ride and improved fuel efficiency as well. In short, if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile tire that can handle any terrain, this tire is worth considering. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your vehicle’s tires today.


What ply rating is Goodyear Ultraterrain?

Goodyear Ultraterrain tires are all-terrain tires with a ply rating of 4. This means that the tire is composed of four layers of material. The first layer is a polyester cord body, followed by two steel belts and a nylon cap ply. The steel belts are designed to provide strength and stability, while the nylon cap ply helps protect the tire from punctures.

Are Goodyear tires made in China?

Goodyear tires are produced in various locations around the world, including China. The company operates several factories in China that manufacture various tire products for both consumer and commercial applications.