Hankook vs Kumho vs Cooper: Who Races Ahead?

When it comes to choosing the right tires for your vehicle, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the biggest concerns is which brand to go with. Three popular tire brands compete with Hankook vs Kumho vs Cooper. Each of these brands has strengths and weaknesses that appeal to different drivers.

In this post, we will compare Hankook vs Kumho vs Cooper based on various criteria such as performance, durability, price, and more. By the end of this post, you should have a better idea of which brand might be best suited for your driving needs and preferences. So buckle up and prepare for an in-depth analysis of these three tire brands!

Hankook vs Kumho vs Cooper: Comparison Table

Hankook, Kumho, and Cooper are three of the most popular tire brands in the market. They offer quality tires that meet different driving needs. Choosing among them can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, we have created a comparison table highlighting the critical features of Hankook vs Kumho vs Cooper tires.

OriginSouth KoreaSouth KoreaAmerica
PriceMore expensive than the othersCheaper than HankookCheapest
PerformanceHigh-performance tires for dry road conditionsGreat winter performance tiresGood performance all-season tires
DurabilityHigher durability for most road conditionsVital customer service and warranty available with 50,000 up to 90,000 milesSome complaints about tread life
Tire VarietyWide different varieties of tiresWide different varieties of tiresDecent durability for most road conditions
Warranty and Customer serviceStrong customer service and warranty available with 50,000 up to 90,000 milesStandard 45,000 to 55,000-mile treadwear warrantyWarranty for treadwear from 45,000 to 80,000 miles

Hankook vs. Kumho vs. Cooper: Detailed Analysis

Choosing the right tire for your vehicle can be an overwhelming task, especially with so many brands and models to choose from. Three of the most popular tire brands in the market today are Hankook, Kumho, and Cooper. Each brand offers a range of options to suit different driving styles and needs. To help you make an informed decision when selecting tires for your vehicle, we have conducted a detailed analysis comparing these three brands.

Hankook vs Kumho vs Cooper

Who Makes Hankook, Kumho, and Cooper Tires?

Hankook Tire is a South Korean tire company that was founded in 1941. It started as Chosun Tire Company before it changed its name to Hankook Tire Manufacturing in 1968. Today, Hankook is one of the largest tire companies in the world, with manufacturing plants in Korea, China, Hungary, Indonesia, and the United States.

Kumho Tire is another South Korean tire manufacturer that was founded in 1960. It has become one of the world’s largest tire producers, operating in over 180 countries.

Cooper Tires is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, and has production facilities across the globe. The company employs over 10,000 people worldwide and produces tires for various applications, including passenger vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and racing cars. Over the years, it has gained a reputation for manufacturing durable tires with excellent performance on different terrains.


Compared to other top brands in the industry, Hankook Tires are known for producing high-quality tires at a more affordable price point. For instance, a typical sedan tire from Hankook typically costs around $83. In contrast, Cooper tires with similar quality ratings usually cost about $10 less than Hankook, coming in at around $73. While Kumho sedan tires are priced similarly to Cooper tires, averaging around $73, Cooper tires are the most budget-friendly option.


The quality of the tires is determined by the specific model you choose. Kumho’s high-end winter tires have superior quality due to their intricately designed tread, whereas Cooper’s tires perform well in all seasons and across all models. Hankook surpasses Cooper and Kumho in dry road conditions with all their tire options.


Cooper Tires have raised some concerns regarding their treadwear as the rubber appears to wear out faster than other brands. Kumho tires’ rubber is not very durable, particularly in their sedan and lower-end models.Hankook has a proven track record for treadwear and lasts longer than Cooper and Kumho. Hankook tires are so strong that they easily cope the problem of being out of round.

Tire Variety

Hankook, Kumho, and Cooper offer a variety of tire types. Check the table below for more details:

Passenger Car TiresPassenger Car TiresPassenger Tires
SUV TiresSUV/Crossover TiresSUV/Crossover Tires
Light Truck TiresLight Truck TiresLight Truck Tires
Performance Tires+ High-Performance Tires
+ Ultra High-Performance Tires
Ultra high-performance Tires
Winter TiresAll-Terrain TiresAll-terrain Tires
Summer TiresAll-Season TiresAll-season Tires

Warranty And Customer Service

Hankook has a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. Their emphasis on safety technology is evident in the design of their tires, which also come with superior treadwear warranties and guarantees against damage and wear. In contrast, Cooper’s warranty is uniform across all their tire models, capping at 55,000 miles. Kumho’s treadwear coverage is marginally better, with some high-end models offering up to 80,000 miles of coverage.

Hankook vs Kumho vs Cooper: Who Races Ahead?

After the comparison between Hankook vs Kumho vs Cooper, It is concluded that each of these tire brands has proven to be a worthy contender in the racing world. Hankook’s focus on performance and innovation, Kumho’s commitment to safety and reliability, and Cooper’s dedication to quality and affordability all have their unique strengths. Choosing these three brands will depend on individual preferences and priorities. One thing is clear: all these brands are severe players in the competitive world of racing tires. Whether you’re a professional racer or simply looking for high-quality tires for your everyday vehicle, Hankook, Kumho, and Cooper are worth considering. So why not take a closer look at what they have to offer?


Are Hankook and Kumho the same?

Hankook is best known in motorsports circles for its involvement in the Le Mans touring car series, and while Kumho comes with less of a racing pedigree.