Milestar Patagonia MT Review

Regarding off-road driving, having the right tires can make all the difference. We’re excited to bring you this Milestar Patagonia MT review. The Patagonia MT is a tire designed for serious off-road enthusiasts who demand exceptional performance and durability. Milestar has been making high-quality tires for over 30 years, and their Patagonia series has quickly become a go-to choice for those looking for tough, reliable tires that will get them through even the toughest terrain.

We’ll take an in-depth look at what makes the Patagonia MT special and why it may be worth considering if you need new off-road tires.

Dry Traction

The Milestar Patagonia MT is a tire with excellent dry traction, making it ideal for drivers navigating rugged terrain. This tire has a unique tread pattern provides exceptional grip on dry surfaces, allowing drivers to maintain control and stability even in challenging conditions. The tire’s design also ensures it can handle high speeds while maintaining its grip on the road.

It has been tested extensively to ensure that it can meet the needs of off-road enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best when it comes to performance. The tire’s aggressive tread pattern includes large shoulder lugs and deep voids between the blocks, which provide additional biting edges for improved traction. 


Milestar Patagonia MT is designed to provide excellent traction and performance in challenging terrains. The tire features deep, aggressive tread patterns that offer maximum grip on rocky surfaces, muddy trails, and sandy dunes.

The unique characteristic of the Milestar Patagonia MT is its advanced construction technology. It is built with a high-strength steel belt, providing exceptional durability and puncture resistance. The tire also features an enhanced carcass design that helps to distribute weight evenly , resulting in improved stability and handling.

Steering Response

Milestar Patagonia MT Review

This steering response can be attributed to several factors, including the tire’s aggressive tread pattern and advanced construction. The Patagonia MT features large, interlocking shoulder blocks that provide maximum traction on rocky surfaces, while it’s multi-angle siping enhances grip on wet or slippery roads.

It has an impressive steering response because it has been engineered with advanced technology. The tire’s construction includes multiple nylon plies that increase durability while maintaining flexibility for improved handling. The reinforced sidewalls offer protection against punctures and abrasions, making it an ideal choice for extreme off-roading adventures.

Cornering Stability

It is designed to provide excellent cornering stability, a key feature for any off-road tire. The Patagonia MT tire has been tested on various surfaces, including gravel, mud, rock, and sand; it has consistently demonstrated its ability to handle tight turns and maintain traction.

Its superior cornering stability is due to its aggressive tread design. The large blocks on the shoulder area provide maximum grip during cornering while preventing side slipping. The center rib ensures precise steering response, even at high speeds. It features siping that helps wet traction by channeling water away from the contact patch. The construction of the Milestar Patagonia MT tire also contributes significantly to its cornering stability.

Wet Traction

The Milestar Patagonia MT has been designed to provide superior wet traction, making it an ideal choice for drivers frequently entering wet and slippery conditions. The deep tread pattern allows the tire to easily grip mud, snow, and slush while maintaining stability on the road.

The unique design effectively disperses water underneath its tread surface. This feature reduces the risk of hydroplaning, giving drivers better control over their vehicles in wet road conditions. Multiple biting edges on each lug improve traction in all directions by providing more surface area for grip.

Hydroplaning Resistance

Milestar Patagonia MT Review

Hydroplaning is a scary experience that can happen to any driver. It occurs when a layer of water forms between the tires and the road, causing a loss of control over the vehicle. The Milestar Patagonia MT is designed with hydroplaning resistance in mind, making it an ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts who want to stay safe on wet roads.

The Patagonia MT features deep, aggressive tread patterns that channel water away from the tire’s contact patch. This ensures a firm grip on wet surfaces and reduces the risk of hydroplaning. The tire also has large shoulder blocks that provide additional stability during cornering and braking maneuvers on slippery roads.

Winter Performance

This rugged tire was designed for off-road use, but it also performs excellently on snowy and icy roads. With its studded design and deep tread depth, the Patagonia MT provides outstanding traction in all conditions.

The most impressive feature of this tire is its ability to handle heavy snowfall. The large shoulder lugs dig into the snow, providing exceptional grip and stability. Its unique tread pattern helps to prevent slippage on slick surfaces by channeling water away from contact patches. If you live in an area that experiences harsh winter weather and frequently faces challenging road conditions, you may need this tire to stay safe.

Riding Comfort

Whether you’re traversing rocky trails or muddy bogs, the Patagonia MT will keep you moving forward with confidence. The Milestar Patagonia MT is highly notable for its capacity to provide a comfortable and seamless driving experience. Despite its rugged design and heavy-duty construction, this tire provides a remarkably quiet and stable experience on the road. 

You won’t have to worry about jarring bumps or excessive vibrations when driving at high speeds or over rough terrain. If you’re looking for a reliable off-road tire that can handle any challenge while providing exceptional riding comfort, look no further than the Milestar Patagonia MT.

Road Noise

Many off-road tires produce a loud hum on the pavement; the Patagonia MT is surprisingly quiet. This makes it an excellent choice for drivers who want to take their vehicle off-road but also need to use it for daily commuting. The reduced road noise also means passengers can converse without shouting over the tires’ sound.

The Milestar Patagonia MT offers excellent durability and long wear life. It has large tread blocks and deep grooves that provide superior grip in all weather conditions.


The Milestar Patagonia MT is a tire that has been designed for longevity. This tire is created using advanced technology to ensure it lasts longer than most other tires. The company uses an exclusive rubber compound in the production process, which results in increased durability and improved tread life.

It features a high-strength carcass and sidewall construction to help improve its overall strength and resistance to punctures. It can be used on rough terrain and highways without experiencing any difficulties or wear issues. This makes it a great option for drivers requiring reliable tires that can handle different environments.

Off-Road Performance

Milestar Patagonia MT Review

The Milestar Patagonia MT is a game-changing tire that promises superior off-road performance. With its aggressive tread pattern, this tire is designed to tackle even the toughest terrain without sweat. Whether driving through mud, rock, or sand, the Patagonia MT offers excellent traction and stability.

This tire’s long-life sidewall construction ensures that there will be no early damage to the sidewall. This ensures it can withstand punctures and cuts from sharp rocks while providing additional protection against impact damage. Patagonia MT’s advanced rubber compound helps to increase its longevity by resisting wear and tear over time.

Sizes & Specs – Milestar Patagonia MT review

SizesTread DepthRim WidthLoad Range / PLY
31X10.50R15LT19/32″7.00 – 9.00C/6
33X12.50R15LT19/32″8.50 – 11.00C/6
33X12.50R17LT19/32″8.50 – 11.00D/8
33X12.50R18LT19/32″8.50 – 11.00F/12
33X12.50R22LT18/32″8.50 – 11.00F/12
35X12.50R15LT19/32″8.50 – 11.00C/6
35X12.50R18LT18/32″8.50 – 11.00F/12
35X12.50R20LT19/32″8.50 – 11.00F/12
35X12.50R22LT18/32″8.50 – 11.00F/12
37X12.50R17LT19/32″8.50 – 11.00D/8
37X12.50R17LT NHS19/32″8.50 – 11.00D/8
37X12.50R20LT19/32″8.50 – 11.00F/12
37X13.50R20LT18/32″8.50 – 11.00E/10
37X13.50R22LT18/32″8.50 – 11.00F/12
38X13.50R17LT19/32″8.50 – 11.00C/6


After this Milestar Patagonia MT Review, I was extremely impressed with the Milestar Patagonia MT tires. Not only did they handle well in various off-road conditions, but they also proved to be durable and long-lasting. The aggressive tread pattern provided excellent traction on rocky terrain and through mud pits. The tires were surprisingly quiet on the highway, making for a comfortable ride. If you need reliable tires for your next off-road adventure, I highly recommend trying the Milestar Patagonia MTs. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


How much do a tire and rim weigh?

The tire’s weight and rim depend on the size and type of tire. A standard car tire with a 16-inch rim can weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds.

Who are Milestar Tires owned by?

Milestar Tires is owned by Tireco, Inc. Tireco, a tire manufacturing and distribution company founded in 1990. They specialize in producing high-quality tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs.