Can Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift Fit 35 Inch Tires?

The Nissan Titan is a popular choice among truck enthusiasts looking for a reliable, versatile vehicle that can handle any terrain. Many Titan owners want to upgrade their truck’s performance by installing larger tires and lifting the suspension. One common question that arises when considering these upgrades is whether a 3-inch lift kit will allow for the installation of 35-inch tires. This article will explore the compatibility of a Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift Fit 35 Inch Tires.

We’ll look closer at what factors you need to consider before making this upgrade and the benefits and potential drawbacks.

Can Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift Fit 35 Inch Tires?

The Nissan Titan has been a popular pickup truck for over a decade. The truck’s design and performance have made it a favorite among many off-road enthusiasts. If you want to upgrade your ride with bigger tires, you may wonder if the Nissan Titan 3-inch lift kit can support 35-inch tires.

The good news is that the Nissan Titan 3-inch lift kit can fit 35-inch tires. This upgrade will give your truck an aggressive look and improve its off-road capabilities. The lift kit will provide clearance for larger tires, allowing you to tackle rough terrain easily. The increased ground clearance will also help you avoid any obstacles that may come up while driving off-road.

How should I Fit 35 Inch Tires With Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift?

If you want to upgrade your Nissan Titan’s tire size to 35 inches, then it’s essential to know what modifications must be made. First and foremost, a 3-inch lift is required for the larger tires to fit appropriately without rubbing against the fender wells. This will also give your truck a more aggressive stance and improved off-road capabilities.

Other modifications may be necessary for the 35-inch tires to fit correctly on your Nissan Titan. You may need new wheels with a different offset or backspacing to clear the brake calipers and suspension components. Consider trimming or removing any plastic parts or flares inhibiting the clearance of the larger tires. Consulting with an experienced mechanic or tire specialist can help determine which modifications are necessary for your vehicle setup.

How Big of a Lift Kit do I Need for 35 Inch Tires?

The answer depends on your vehicle and how much clearance you want between your wheels and fenders. A lift kit between 3.5 to 6 inches should provide enough support for 35-inch tires. If you plan on doing some serious off-roading and rock crawling, a higher lift may be necessary to prevent rubbing or damage to your vehicle’s undercarriage.

It’s important to note that lifting your vehicle too high can also cause stability issues and affect handling on the road.

How much does it cost to Lift A Nissan Titan?

Lifting a Nissan Titan depends on several factors, such as the type of lift kit, the size of the tires you want to fit onto the truck, labor charges, and other miscellaneous expenses. A basic leveling kit can be installed for around $200-$500, while a more advanced suspension lift may set you back anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 or even more. The cost also varies based on whether you plan on installing the kit yourself or hiring an expert mechanic to do it for you.

Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift Review

Supreme Suspensions – Front Leveling Kit for 2004-2022 Nissan Titan 2WD 4WD

Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift Fit 35 Inch Tires

The Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit for the Nissan Titan 2WD and 4WD is a must-have product for any truck owner looking to improve their vehicle’s performance. The kit is designed specifically for the 2004-2022 Nissan Titan models, ensuring that you will receive a perfect fit and superior performance. The equipment is easy to install, making it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts or those who prefer not to pay a mechanic.

The front leveling kit includes two billet aluminum strut spacers that increase ground clearance while maintaining your factory ride quality. The kit also features high-strength steel bolts that ensure maximum safety and durability. With this kit installed on your Nissan Titan, you can expect improved handling and stability when driving off-road or hauling heavy loads.

Liftcraft – Front and Rear lift Kit for 2004-2020 Nissan Titan 2WD 4WD  

Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift Fit 35 Inch Tires

The Liftcraft Front and Rear Lift Kit for the 2004-2020 Nissan Titan 2WD 4WD is a must-have accessory for any Nissan truck owner. The kit has everything you need to lift your truck by up to three inches, giving it an aggressive stance and improved ground clearance. This upgrade not only enhances the appearance of your vehicle but also improves its performance on rough terrain.

This lift kit’s most impressive features are its excellent handling and stability. With better control over your vehicle, you can enjoy a more comfortable ride even on bumpy roads. The kit includes high-quality components such as front strut spacers, rear shackles, and blocks designed to withstand harsh conditions. Installation is easy thanks to a comprehensive instruction manual that guides you through every step of the process.


The Nissan Titan 3 Inch Lift Fit 35 Inch Tires offers an excellent solution for upgrading their truck’s appearance and performance. With the ability to fit 35 inch tires, this lift kit provides increased ground clearance and improved off-road capabilities. The installation process is relatively easy and can be done by a professional or an experienced DIYer. While there are some downsides to adding a lift kit, such as decreased fuel efficiency and potential handling issues, these can be mitigated by proper maintenance and modifications. If you’re considering upgrading your Nissan Titan, the 3 inch lift kit is worth considering for its aesthetic appeal and improved functionality.


What size rims are best for 35s?

The best size rims for 35s depend on the type of vehicle you have and the type of tire you are using. A 15″ rim is the smallest size that can accommodate a 35″ tire, but it is essential to check with your tire manufacturer to ensure that this size will work for your specific model.

Are bigger tires faster?

Bigger tires are not faster than smaller tires. Tire size affects a vehicle’s performance in different ways. Larger tires provide increased traction and grip, allowing the car to accelerate better and corner more effectively. Larger tires also create more rolling resistance, slowing the vehicle down.

Should all 4 tires be the same size?

Yes, all four tires on a vehicle should be the same size. This is important for maintaining the car’s balance and handling correctly. Different tire sizes can create an uneven weight distribution across the axles, leading to instability and potential safety issues.