Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme vs AT2

When it comes to choosing the right tire for your vehicle, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important is finding a tire that can handle whatever conditions you encounter on the road or off. That’s where the rivalry between Toyo Open Country AT2 extreme vs AT2 comes in.

Both of these tires from Toyo are designed to offer excellent performance and durability in various settings. But what sets them apart? In this article, we’ll look at the differences between the Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme and AT2, so you can decide when to replace your tires.

A Short Note: Toyo Open Country AT2 extreme vs AT2

The Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme and AT2 are popular all-terrain tires that offer improved off-road capabilities compared to standard highway tires. Both models are designed for light trucks and SUVs but differ in several key areas.

The AT2 Extreme features a more aggressive tread pattern with larger shoulder blocks and additional siping, providing better traction on loose surfaces like mud, sand, and gravel. It also has a higher load rating than the regular AT2, which means it can handle heavier vehicles or payloads. The downside is that the Extreme version tends to be noisier on pavement due to its more pronounced tread design.

On the other hand, the standard AT2 has a quieter ride thanks to its less aggressive tread pattern. While it may not perform as well on extreme terrain as its counterpart, it still offers good handling and traction in most conditions while maintaining decent fuel efficiency.

Available Sizes

When finding the right tire size for your vehicle, the Toyo Open Country AT2 has you covered with various available sizes. The P-metric sizes are perfect for SUVs and light trucks, while the LT sizes are designed for heavy-duty trucks. Both options offer excellent performance on wet and dry surfaces and exceptional traction on off-road terrain.

But if you’re looking for even more extreme performance, the Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme is the way to go. This tire is designed with a rugged tread pattern that provides superior grip in mud, snow, and other challenging conditions. It also features an aggressive sidewall design that protects against punctures and cuts. With its tough construction and excellent handling capabilities, the Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme is a top choice for drivers who demand the best from their tires.

Toyo Open Country AT2 Sizes(P-metric)

16 Inch17 Inch18 Inch20 Inch22 Inch
245/75R16245/70R17255/70R18275/60R20285/45R22 XL

Toyo Open Country AT2 Sizes(LT)

16 Inch17 Inch18 Inch20 Inch

Tread Appearance

Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme vs AT2

Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme has been designed to provide maximum traction and stability on and off the road. What sets these tires apart from others in their class is their unique tread design that features big enough center lugs. The center lugs are placed perfectly, providing tons of traction on tough terrains such as mud or snow.

The Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme’s innovative tread appearance is impressive, with its robust pattern designed to handle any weather condition. Whether you’re driving through dry or wet conditions, these tires will guarantee optimum grip and enhance your vehicle’s performance. The deep sipes between the blocks also improve the tire’s water evacuation capability, which means excellent handling in wet conditions.

The deeper the tread, the better grip you’ll have on the road, especially in wet or slippery conditions. That’s why many drivers opt for a high-performance tire like the Open Country AT2 Extreme, which boasts an even deeper tread than its already-impressive predecessor, the Open Country AT2.
But while tread depth is a key feature of any quality tire, other factors must be considered. For example, one of the standout features of the Open Country AT2 is its siping. Siping refers to small slits in the surface of a tire that help improve traction on wet roads by allowing water to escape from under the tire. And when it comes to siping intensity and effectiveness, few tires can match the Open Country AT2.

Wet Performance

Some drivers have reported issues with Toyo Open Country AT2 wet performance. While the AT2 features an aggressive tread pattern with plenty of biting edges, it seems to struggle on wet roads due to its lack of siping. But fear not, because Toyo has released an upgraded version of the Open Country AT2 – the Extreme model.

Although this tire has less siping compared to its predecessor, it makes up for it with a superior compound selection. The Extreme’s specially formulated rubber compound provides enhanced traction on dry and wet surfaces, making it a great choice for drivers frequently encountering rainy conditions. While there may be some trade-offs between the original AT2 and the new Extreme model, both tires are still highly capable of off-road adventures and everyday driving.

Winter Performance

Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme vs AT2

When it comes to winter driving, having the right tires can make all the difference. While the Open Country AT2 and AT2 Extreme are well-regarded for their off-road capabilities, they are not snow-rated tires. This means they may not perform as well as dedicated winter tires in snowy or icy conditions.

One of the key factors in determining a tire’s winter performance is its tread depth. Winter tires typically have deeper treads with more biting edges to grip slippery surfaces. On the other hand, the Open Country AT2 and AT2 Extreme have shallower treads designed for off-road use. While this design provides excellent traction on muddy or rocky terrain, it may not be as effective in snowy conditions.

Another important factor is sidewall design. Winter tires often feature softer rubber compounds and flexible sidewalls that help them maintain traction even in very cold temperatures.

Riding Comfort and Noise

When driving on rough terrains, the choice of tires becomes crucial in ensuring a comfortable ride. During the comparison, Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme vs AT2 are both excellent all-terrain tire options; there’s a clear winner regarding riding comfort – the Toyo Open Country AT2. This tire offers superior ride quality thanks to its optimized tread pattern, which perfectly balances off-road traction and on-road comfort.

The Toyo Open Country AT2 features specially designed tread blocks that minimize road noise while improving traction in wet conditions. Its unique shoulder design also helps prevent uneven wear and promotes cornering stability. On the other hand, the Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme is designed for off-road enthusiasts looking for maximum performance on rocky terrain.
The level of riding noise can significantly impact the overall driving experience. That’s why choosing tires that offer a quieter ride is important. The Toyo Open Country AT2 and Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme are two options that stand out in terms of their low levels of riding noise.

These tire models utilize the advanced technology to reduce road noise, making them an excellent choice for drivers who prioritize a comfortable and quiet ride. Whether cruising down the highway or navigating through rough terrain, you can expect both tires to deliver an impressively silent performance.

In addition to their superior noise-reducing capabilities, the Toyo Open Country AT2 and Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme offer exceptional traction and durability. They boast sturdy construction and innovative features that enhance their performance on wet and dry surfaces and off-road conditions.

Off-Road Performance

Toyo Tires has always been known for its exceptional off-road performance, and the new Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme is no exception. With a design that offers greater durability, traction, and handling than its predecessor, the Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme takes things to the next level.

The new tire has an aggressive tread pattern that features deeper grooves and biting edges, allowing it to grip onto any surface without slipping. Moreover, its reinforced shoulder blocks help it maintain stability while cornering at high speeds. This makes it ideal for off-road enthusiasts who want to push their vehicles to their limits on challenging terrains such as mud or rock. The Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme provides excellent wet and snow traction thanks to its unique sipes design that enhances grip on slippery surfaces.


When hauling a heavy load, you need tires that can handle the weight and provide stability on the road. Unfortunately, the Open Country AT2 and AT2 Extreme are not the best options for towing. While they offer excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces, their sidewalls are quite soft and flexible, which can cause them to bulge under heavy loads. As a result, your vehicle may feel unstable when towing a trailer or hauling equipment.

Compared to other all-terrain models in their class, these tires have limited load capacity. The strength defines its name that after so much towing, it still doesn’t go out of round. The Open Country AT2 has a maximum load rating of 3,000 pounds per tire, while the AT2 Extreme can carry up to 3,640 pounds per tire. This may be sufficient for light-duty applications but falls short for heavier loads commonly encountered in commercial or industrial settings.


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The comparison between Toyo Open Country AT2 extreme vs AT2 reveals that both are reliable and durable tire options for off-road enthusiasts. The AT2 offers a comfortable ride on any terrain, while the AT2 Extreme provides exceptional performance in extreme conditions. Both tires have unique features that cater to specific needs, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference and driving habits. Regardless of which one you choose, you can’t go wrong with Toyo’s quality and expertise in the tire industry. Invest in these tires for a safe and enjoyable off-road experience like no other!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AT2 mean on tires?

AT2 is the new standard for the all-terrain segment. It stands for “Advanced Technology 2”. This new standard improves tire performance in various environments, including snow, sand, and off-road.